The principals of US Solar – Robert Looper and Bob Mooney – each have 30+ years of experience in the development of power generation projects, including gas, combined-cycle, hydro, wind and coal, as well as transmission projects. This includes work on over 5000 MW of generation, with responsibilities including plant design, development, financing, ownership, operation, project management, asset management, siting, permitting, and various consulting services – often as the lead developer. Recently, the principals constructed the 520 MW 2-on-1 Combined Cycle plant in Blythe, CA, on-time and under-budget. US Solar was also recently selected by the Department of Energy for a Funding Award for a $4.35 million thermal energy storage project. Project development partners include: Caithness Energy, Duke Energy, PP&L Global, Florida Power & Light, Oglethorpe Power Co., Idaho Power, PacifiCorp and others.

ArcLight Capital Partners is a leading energy investment firm with more than $6.8 billion under management. ArcLight invests across the energy industry value chain in hard assets that produce high current income and capital appreciation. ArcLight’s investment team has extensive energy investing experience, industry relationships, and asset level knowledge. For more information please visit www.arclightcapital.com

US Solar’s team includes 30+ years of experience in solar, including direct experience on almost all the SEGS projects, Nevada Solar One (64 MW CSP), Saguaro (1 MW CSP), and on thermal energy storage projects, such as Solar One – and extensive publications. This experience includes engineering, energy modeling, ownership, and operation.

Our permitting team has 30 years of direct California and Arizona experience in permitting dozens of projects, including solar, wind, coal, nuclear, gas, and transmission. Our team has successful track records with agencies and processes including the CEC, ACC, BLM, ASLD, NEPA, and CEQA. Permitting is underway by this team on 100s of MW of solar projects.

US Solar’s principals have directly led the development of the following projects. Few solar developers have such an extensive track record of successfully permitted, successfully financed, and currently operational power projects.