Principal, P.E. (Electrical Engineering)
Robert (“Bob”) Mooney has more than 30 years experience working principally with the electric utility and energy sectors and has a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Mr. Mooney has developed energy projects in since 1985 including the planning, construction, financing, ownership and operation of several projects. Recent California experience has included the development of the Desert Southwest Transmission Project, a 118-mile 500 kV line and the development of the 520 MW Blythe Energy Project and the 570 MW Blythe II Power Plant. Mr. Mooney has also been appointed by the Governor of Idaho as Chairman of the Idaho Energy Resources Authority, the entity that can finance transmission, generation and renewable resources for the benefit of entities providing electric service to state consumers.

Principal, P.E. (Civil Engineering)
Robert D. (”Bob”) Looper, P.E., has over 30 years of direct experience in the power projects including development and construction of over 4,500 MW of new power plants in the past 5 years primarily in partnership with several large energy companies including Caithness Energy, Duke Energy, PP&L Global, Florida Power & Light, Oglethorpe Power Co., Idaho Power, PacifiCorp and others. During the past 10 years, Mr. Looper has managed the development of several power generation projects ranging in size up to $700 million. Project Management responsibilities have included: project siting efforts, feasibility studies, engineering design, permitting & licensing, project financing, marketing and negotiation of institutional agreements, construction management, and supervision of project operations, review and analysis of existing projects. This balanced background in project development provides the framework for Mr. Looper to provide strategic policy direction and supervision of project development activities.

Formerly President of GreenSun Energy, which focused on commercial- and utility-scale solar projects in Arizona. Significant solar project experience, including engineering oversight, technology development, engineering economics analysis, financial modeling, and project development. Director of US Solar’s $4.3 MM Thermal Energy Storage project with DOE and Arizona Public Service (APS). M.B.A. from University of Arizona. B.S. in Mathematics (cum laude) from Virginia Tech.

Project Development
Ms. Martinez is located in the USSH Phoenix office and is supporting development efforts for both PV and CSP projects. She is a M.S. graduate from the University of Massachusetts in Energy Engineering and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. Her recent experience is leading development efforts for siting, permitting and interconnecting utility scale PV and CSP projects. Previously, she worked for Sandia National Laboratories’ Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

Environmental & Permitting

30+ years experience in planning, siting, and permitting services – for 75+ generation projects. Projects include: Solar, wind, geothermal, gas turbines, coal-fired plants, cogeneration, nuclear, waste-to-energy, and hydroelectric. Transmission projects range from 500kV to 69kV lines. Work includes EAs and EISs to satisfy federal and state agencies, energy commissions, and state siting authorities – including CEC, CPUC, BLM, and the ACC – and on projects for various Southwest utilities, including APS, SRP, IID, and others.

Plant Engineering Advisor

Mr. Jeter has been active in linear concentrators since his Ph.D. dissertation on the topic in 1979, since which he has published a number of recognized papers in the field, staying active in the power plant field since, including being retained by Caithness Energy to model performance for the SEGS VIII/IX plants (of which Caithness was a 50% owner). His current work includes pioneering activities in the field of Thermal Energy Storage under a grant with US Solar from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Transmission Consultant

Mr. Etherton is the principal of PDS Consulting. He has twenty four years of electric utility experience with responsibilities ranging from system planning and analysis, protective relaying, substation design and communications systems, as well as approximately nine years in utility supervision and management. PDS is an active member of the WECC and provides a variety of technical studies from feasibility and system impact studies. PDS has worked with most of the transmission owners in the southwestern area of WECC. His current clients include: ED No. 3 of Pinal County, Southwestern Power Group II, TEP, BP Alternative Energy, SDG&E, SEC, SRP, and IID. Mr. Etherton is currently the Assistant Project Manager for the development of the SunZia transmission project.

Interconnection Consultant

Mr. Cadiente’s experience covers all phases of substation/transmission projects, from overall managerial duties including scheduling and coordination between all parties involved, to detailed technical design and field work such as testing and energizing. Mr. Cadiente has been responsible for the conceptual designs, project development, budgeting, scheduling as well as technical design of new stations and the upgrade of existing station projects. Responsibilities have included design of new substation facilities, feeder bay installations, relaying schemes, transformer installations, breaker change-outs and installations, AC and DC station service load requirements, SCADA, and metering.
Switchyard, substation, and transmission projects include: Lake Side Power, LLC 138kV Blythe Energy 230kV, Sundance 230kV (enhancements), Griffith Energy Project 230kV and 345kV Lines, Arizona.