Most of our opportunities at US Solar have been built upon long-term relationships. We believe in working with people in a way that makes us all want to work together again. We believe that evolve a strong relationship and a strong mutual understanding allows us to work better together – and to maximize value to each other.

US Solar tends to pick partners in projects that like working together to find superior solutions. By collaborating – listening to each other, being creative, leveraging strengths, and working towards common end goals – we believe better outcomes are achieved. We believe this results in all members of our team benefiting more, over the short term, and over the long term.

We believe that providing our partners and counterparts as much information as possible results in all parties reaching better outcomes together.

US Solar believes in stating clearly what we can and can’t accomplish. Realism results in the best use of everybody’s time – and ultimately strengthens relationships.

Good energy projects are built by carefully putting all the pieces together – all the while remembering the end goal – and the path required for each component. We make our decisions about technology, engineering, project location, project partners, everything… keeping this value in mind: It has to be solid.